Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy was born on November 10th, 1977 and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Brittany got a role on one of the early Fox network's parade of disposable series, Drexell's Class with soon-to-be American Pie star, Jason Biggs. Their first steps in movie industry after short-run TV shows, was Tai Fraiser, Clueless. In 1999, Brittany Murphy got some better roles in Drop Dead Gorgeous with Denise Richards, Girl, Interrupted with Winona Ryder, Riding in Cars with Boys with Drew Barrymore, and most recently, Sidewalks of New York with Heather Graham. Latest starring roles are Alex in the drama based on Eminem's life, 8 Mile, Just Married and Spun. We made for you Brittany Murphy Wallpapers gallery with high quality pictures which are free to download.

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