Coyote Ugly

Romantic comedy about a girl in her early 20s named Violet Sanford going to NYC to pursue a dream of becoming a songwriter. Violet gets a "day" job as a bar maid at a nightclub called Coyote Ugly. Coyote Ugly is the city's newest hot spot were the employees are a team of sexy, resourceful women that provoke the clientele and press with their mischief. Casts: Piper Perabo .... Violet Sanford Adam Garcia .... Kevin O'Donnell, John Goodman .... Bill, Maria Bello .... Lil, Izabella Miko .... Cammie, Tyra Banks .... Zoe, Bridget Moynahan .... Rachel, Melanie Lynskey .... Gloria, Del Pentecost .... Lou, Michael Weston .... Danny, LeAnn Rimes .... Herself, Jeremy Rowley .... William Morris Receptionist, Ellen Cleghorne .... Music Publishing Receptionist, John Fugelsang .... Richie the Booker, Bud Cort .... Romero Release date: 2000

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